As a result of our specialization in Human Capital/Human Resources (HR/HR) and Acquisitions services, there are some logical “next nearest neighbor” functions where our expertise applies. We are focused on professional services in all aspects of our operation, and we do not focus on non-technical or high-technical support functions. As such, we can provide the thought-leadership and the solutions required to support senior management functions and missions. These areas are the high-value, high-impact, high-audit exposure areas that many companies avoid. We are ready to stand by the senior levels of management in any organization and provide solutions and consultative services. Areas where we are able and have provided services include:

Privacy, Transparency, Records/Directives Management and FOIA Services

This is a performance area that falls into many different organizational entities in Federal agencies. We’ve found these services in areas ranging from general administration, operations, legal services, or health programs. We have experts in these areas that bring extensive experience at all levels, helping agencies manage these high-risk, public accountability areas. We have provided support at the simple processing level to organizational development of Privacy, Records Management, and FOIA programs. While most of our work has been in contracts and HR, it is transferrable to all management areas. The talent we bring to these areas includes administrative technicians, certified records management professionals, and privacy attorneys.

Resource Management/Workforce Planning

The management of resources, to include HC/HR, falls upon the shoulders of leaders in every aspect of management. We understand that workforce planning is not a 100% HC/HR function. It requires collaboration and talent well beyond the HR discipline. As budgets tighten, and qualified talent becomes harder to find, leaders are challenged to manage HC as an exchangeable resource. YRCI can provide talent that has the fiscal, budget, and analytical experience required to be successful in total workforce planning. We can facilitate the dialogue between mission areas, finance, HR, and resource sponsors utilizing our experienced staff in each discipline.

Supporting the Office of Procurement

Not all procurement executives are acquisition professionals. Even those who are experienced need support from professionals that understand the acquisition environment. We know that the day-to-day life of a procurement executive is not the same as many other executives. The questions, concerns, requests, and nuances that are managed are very unique and thick with legal and regulatory implications. When a procurement executive asks for administrative support, the person providing that support requires more qualifications than a general administrative assistant. We provide support ranging from an acquisition familiar, knowledgeable administrative support specialist to a fully qualified executive officer who can be a partner in developing strategy and policy.

Enterprise Wide Strategic Planning through Performance Management

Any organization can be materially changed through performance management. Quite often, this is seen as a “do and measure” process. Performance management can actually be used as a tool to direct an organizations focus. Performance plans and programs often reiterate performance goals from one year to the next, leaving workforces stagnant and average. Transformational goals can drive a transformational organization. This is a time for change in the Management Services Arena and we have the expertise and insight to help you shape the future. Strategic development of performance factors that focus on strategic targets is important to move an organization toward specific achievements that drive change and reward loyal progressive members of the team. YRCI has performance management specialists that think beyond the “do and measure” and can help you work toward a “drive to change and improve” workforce.

Contract Management and Oversight (PEO/PMO support)

Some of the Government’s largest contracts are managed by professionals with little or no contract management background; usually non-acquisitions professionals with basic training as a Contracting Officer’s Representative. This places taxpayer dollars at risk and places the managing individual at risk. There is training available for the various parts of the administration of a contract. But what about the day-to-day interaction of the program manager with the contractor and the contractor’s staff? YRCI provides experienced management professionals to program offices who help assure contracts are managed effectively, within the operating and regulatory parameters set forth in law and in the contract itself. Many agencies are tasked with managing Government-wide or Nation-wide programs and challenge executives and senior managers to operate the program on the margins of their usual day. Chief Information Officers and management executives in scientific offices are charged with executing billion dollar contracts with little support. We can provide the needed expertise, whether it is just a trusted advisor or a team of professionals to provide complete program management office (PMO) services.

Civil Rights and Diversity Support

This topic also reaches across all management areas. Often seen as a challenging and divisive area, we see it as another way: to create opportunity. We believe that Government needs to reflect the fabric of our Nation. Acquisition and HC/HR management leaders can influence the diversity of their workgroups. Whether through education, awareness programs, recruiting efforts, strategic management decisions, or creating a new way to observe and listen, we believe organizations can change for the better through effective diversity management. We also know that the result of a lack of attention in this area can indeed lead to issues. YRCI can provide specialists in the management of civil rights and diversity issues when things do get contentious. We have access to leading specialists in this area and can bring them to our customers on short notice with broad expertise.