YRCI offers full employee life-cycle support. This means we can partner with our clients on all aspects of the Human Capital (HC)/Human Resources (HR) process*.

We have been providing professional HC/HR support services to commercial and Federal clients since 2001, and have had a growing, viable practice ever since.

We provide single resources to Chief Human Capital Officers (CHCOs) all the way through completely supported and fully operational HR offices. Our footprint is wide and our impact is deep. Whether working on small projects in a micro-agency or an enterprise-wide outsourcing effort at the largest Cabinet-level department, we provide the right person for the job.

Providing Exceptional Employees that Exceed Expectations

Many of our key competitors are focused on short-term solutions, using temporary resources, non-employees, or independent consultant subcontractors. We believe the HC process is a life-cycle that requires more than temporary attention. YRCI professionals have a cross section of qualifications and certifications, include many Delegated Examining Unit (DEU) trained and certified HR specialists. Our staff are fully benefitted on the first day of employment, have access to professional development opportunities, and have promotion potential within YRCI. This provides our customers with stability and continuous, uninterrupted service by dedicated HR professionals. We never use our customers as a training platform.

Leadership, Expertise, and Experience

Our HR specialists are backed up by a project management and executive staff who have hands-on management experience at the highest levels of Government. Our specialists also have immediate reach back to our subject matter experts. We are a large business with sustainability, stability, and a solid professional foundation focused on delivering exceptional results. YRCI is an active member and regular contributor to International Public Management Association and is currently the second largest provider of HC/HR services to the Federal Government.

This is What Full Employee Life-Cycle Support Means to YRCI

YRCI is invested in providing services across the full lifecycle of an employee. From requirements development through recruiting, accession, work-life and benefits, performance management, personnel security management through contemplated retirement and, ultimately, separation. We provide full HR line of business services to many customers and, in some cases, provide only one critical piece of service. In any case, we always provide qualified, experienced, and proven staff who believe HR is a profession and have earned a positive service reputation in the industry. Our specialists are trained in industry and the Federal space, certified when appropriate (e.g., DEU), and often trained in house by our own highly qualified leadership.

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*The only work we cannot do is that which is inherently governmental.

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