YRCI offers a secure remote operating center in Fairfax, VA, called the “Human Resources Remote Operations Center™” (HRROC™) that has been central to our experience and gives us rapidly flexible capacity to operate as a multi-agency Federal HR shared service center (SSC). The YRCI HRROC™ has a large and expanding staff of HR practitioners proficient across the full spectrum of Federal HR information systems (HRIS). Our highly qualified staff is able to provide services and expertise on a temporary, surge, short-term, long-term, or as-needed basis; benefiting multiple clients concurrently.

Through the HRROC™, YRCI can rapidly staff projects not requiring continuous onsite performance at Government facilities. YRCI houses the HRROC™ in an office space that has been granted a Facility Security Clearance at the TOP SECRET level by the Defense Industrial Security Clearance Office. This assures that equipment, files, and information are held in a manner consistent with strict security requirements, so Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is always safeguarded.

The HRROC™ allows us to seamlessly begin work, providing cleared personnel with the proven Federal HR experience to ensure YRCI is the low-risk, high-quality partner to select for Federal HR requirements. We can begin work immediately upon clearance, and access to any required systems, from your agency, our staff is already on board, cleared to work in multiple agencies, and technically proficient. Our HR Specialists work in our Fairfax office as well as remote locations via access to our secure network through a Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection.

Fixed workforce delivery models, such as traditional Federal HR offices or onsite contracts, can have difficulties flexing to accomplish short-term projects, ad-hoc requests, or project surges. YRCI’s HRROC™ is agile and responsive to surges, immediate requests, and “just in time” service.

Time and Cost Savings

The HRROC™ approach saves time and money by allowing our clients to purchase only the work needed to be done by the skill-level needed to accomplish the work. This work model allows our clients to only pay for the services they require to get specific work accomplished. In a traditional staffing model, if 10% of the work to be accomplished is high acuity work (i.e., complex and detailed), a highly skilled individual must be hired on a full time basis. Thus, in a traditional model, 100% of the talent being acquired is high level/high skill when that skill is only needed 10% of the time. We accomplish much of our work on a fixed price basis at a more economical rate after a brief T&M transition period.

We always meet or outperform Office of Personnel Management (OPM) guidelines for our portion of work accomplished and regularly exceed our clients’ expectations.

The Systems We Use

Our HRROC™ staff has access to an array of HR tools that help maximize the quality and efficiency of our service. Most commonly, we use USA Staffing and Monster/QuickHire automated programs and quickly adjust to new clients’ formats, styles, policies, and preferences. We recently added Ascendra/NGA.net (USDA's eRecruit) to our portfolio of systems. With proper authorization and support, we access all the needed systems of our clients via cleared VPN connections. Many of the HRROC™ staff members are cleared through multiple agencies and use agency unique systems (including payroll processing) from the HRROC™.

Who Works in the HRROC™ and How is it Staffed?

YRCI staffs the HRROC™ with a wide variety of HR professionals ranging in specialty area, skill level, and experience. A majority of our specialists have the necessary training required to legally and effectively serve our clients, including Delegated Examining training. For trainees, and newly hired HR professionals, we continually work with our clients to coordinate and pay for OPM’s Delegated Examining training. The efficiency of the HRROC™ is driven by our ability to attract and maintain staff members at many different levels. Some of our HRROC™ specialists have been serving YRCI clients for more than 10 years and have decades of experience as career Federal HR Professionals.