Architect of the Capitol – Hiring 101 course

Architect of the Capitol

YRCI has a level of operational and strategic expertise between its Human Resources Remote Operations Center and its Human Capital Strategic Transformation Remote Advisory Team, to help agencies design the tactical steps needed for implementing major change initiatives such as the new hiring model for the Architect of the Capitol (AOC). With the design and implementation of the steps needed for new initiatives, YRCI can offer training to agency HR professionals, supervisors and employees. In addition, YRCI has the capability to develop guides, tools, and resources – as well as the metrics to measure return-on-investment, to support agency initiatives across the full employment lifecycle of Federal HR activities.

As an example, YRCI has been supporting AOC to transform their recruitment and hiring model into a collaborative, dynamic set of activities that improve the quality of candidates available for consideration and hiring, while reducing the amount of time to fill vacancies. The new model allows for a partnership between hiring managers and HR to improve the quality and timeliness of hiring. Unlike traditional hiring models, AOC’s new model uses vacancies to meet specific workforce planning goals, design assessment tools to screen for needed talent, develop vacancy announcements and source candidates to target talent pools, and use a systematic approach for interviewing and selecting the best candidates. AOC sought YRCI’s support to ensure the new model is successful. To do this, YRCI developed the instructions needed for hiring officials to follow the new model and trained over 350 hiring managers at all levels throughout the agency. In addition, YRCI developed helpful desk guides and resource tools for the hiring managers to use when preparing to fill vacancies under the new model.

YRCI captured the critical role that AOC HR Staffing Specialists follow in the new model and reinforced the importance of a collaborative partnership between hiring managers and their HR Specialists. The instructions for carrying out the new hiring model, training with hiring officials, definition of the partnership with HR, and the guides and resources developed by YRCI, supported AOC in their implementation and change management of their streamlined hiring model. YRCI received very positive feedback which resulted in a second round of training several weeks after the initial training was completed. The work YRCI accomplished with AOC directly supported the agency’s mission through improved quality of candidates for vacancies, shorter timeframes to fill vacancies, and a strategic approach to using vacancies to meet workforce planning goals.