YRCI assists the Department of Defense (DoD) to develop capabilities and evaluate plans and programs to respond to complex security challenges and threats to vital American interests.

After more than a decade of large, land-based operations driven by the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the DoD is undergoing a sweeping transformation to focus on new and emerging threats, including those in cyberspace. This has prompted a rethinking of national security strategy, military strategy, and consequently, the means of achieving security that meet the expectations of the American people, our allies, and coalition partners.

YRCI has distinguished itself as a thought leader and as respected community “go to” experts on critical issues of national significance, such as the Quadrennial Defense Review. We have a breadth of expertise, drawing on former careers as active duty military, that enables us to provide analysis on strategic policy affecting numerous DoD organizations. Our assessments helped guide DoD enterprise management, business transformation, and operation, as well as coordination and integration of Planning, Programming, Budgeting, and Execution activities.

YRCI’s expertise resides at the forefront of several key mission developments: Balancing Readiness, Capability, and Capacity; Being More Efficient; and Sustaining a Ready and Capable Force – Now and in the Future.

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