The old saying goes, “time flies when you are having fun” and personally, that statement couldn’t be truer. YRCI is celebrating more than 15 years in business. This is the third company I have started and I never expected to be here this long. People often ask me why I haven’t sold the company or retired yet. The reason is simple: Success is easy to enjoy.

This success has not come without its ups and downs, but luckily for us, there have been more ups than downs. What motivates me to continue is that people genuinely like to work at YRCI. Some of our employees have been here since the beginning in 2001, some for over 10 years. I don’t think there are many companies who can share that same success story. And I believe it is the respect and dignity they receive from YRCI and their colleagues that enables us to enjoy such a high staff retention rate. When we hire someone right out of college and share with them the technical knowledge required for a career path, we also welcome their viewpoints and suggestions on how to do things differently, it is very rewarding for them and for YRCI. The fact that we have new college grads that have been with us for more than 10 years is something for which I am extremely proud.

At the core of it, YRCI’s success is because of its people. It comes down to the hard work and dedication of each individual we have employed over the years. We have crafted a very comfortable, open door culture at YRCI – and that open door policy extends to me as well. It is this culture that has helped us retain incumbent staff and to attract new talent every day. I am looking forward to our future successes together. #WhyYRCI…? That’s why!

John Jaeger
Chairman, YRCI