In 2001, I founded YRCI. Our services in both the Acquisition and Human Resources (HR) Services areas are now in high demand. Our revenue in 2004 was more than triple our 2003 sales, and in 2005, we nearly doubled our 2004 results. In 2005, we received recognition from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) as an “Outstanding Small Business.” Our small business achievement was the only one issued by DHS Headquarters for that year. In 2006, we continued to experience double-digit revenue growth. We are particularly proud of our small business accomplishments and of the accolades we have received from our customers.

In 2006 we became a large business. In October 2008, YRCI became a member of Washington Technology magazine’s Fast 50 Government contracting organizations. Now, we continue to grow and be successful as a large veteran owned business. YRCI had its most successful year to date in 2014 and we became the second largest provider of HR Services to the Federal Government.

As I contemplate the remarkable success we have achieved, it becomes clear that the most important reason is summed up in a single word: Passion. Our team is passionate about accomplishing what our clients cannot accomplish alone. We thrive on accepting difficult projects that others have failed to complete. Passion is the catalyst that moves us forward and produces the outcomes our clients desire and appreciate.

We service both the private and public sectors, with 95% of our business in the form of contracts supporting the Federal Government. Our projects range from small, one or two person tasks to large support or outsourcing projects ranging from 25 to 80 personnel.

In the future, YRCI will continue to approach our business relationships with passion. We will continue to complete client requirements with exceptionally high customer satisfaction, and we will expand the breadth of our service offerings within the Acquisition, HR, and Financial Management Services areas. We look forward to including you on our list of satisfied clients.

John Jaeger
Chairman, YRCI