YRCI is a veteran-owned professional services firm located in the greater Washington, DC area. We provide human resources (HR), acquisitions, and management/financial services to Federal and commercial clients across the Nation.

Founded in 2001, YRCI began with four dedicated individuals working from the founder's home. The company has since seen explosive growth and was recognized by the Virginia Chamber of Commerce as one of their 2009 Fantastic 50 winners to honor the fastest growing companies in Virginia. In 2008, YRCI was listed on the Washington Technology’s Fast 50 list of fastest growing government contractors. Additionally, the Alliance for Workplace Excellence recognized YRCI’s demonstration of outstanding commitment by awarding us six consecutive Workplace Excellence Awards. We are proud that 2014 was the best year in the history of the company. We have grown and remained stable during the adversity that Government has thrown to our industry. YRCI is resilient, growing, and has a bright future of success with our valued customers ahead of us. We currently have more than 160 active projects supporting our customers and have contracted to more than 80 government agencies and 110 commercial clients. More importantly, we have helped put thousands of people to work.

YRCI’s offerings are split into three core service areas: HR, Acquisitions, and Management/Financial Services.

As part of our HR Services, YRCI provides full life-cycle human capital (HC) support to agencies throughout Government. We have helped Federal and commercial customers improve their capabilities across the entire employee life-cycle and in planning, programming, policy, and programmatic support. We also provide expertise in Employee and Labor Relations, Equal Employment Opportunity and Diversity, Executive Support, and Candidate Development Programs. We operate today in the General Schedule (GS) and Foreign Service environments, as well as in support of agencies with unique appointing authorities. The key program that launched our HR practice was providing the initial HR support for the establishment of the Department of Homeland Security. Today, we proudly serve many agencies as a strategic partner in improving the delivery of HR and HC services. We are one of Government’s largest providers of contracted services in this specialty area. YRCI maintains a cadre of subject matter experts (SMEs) on staff to assure that our processes and programs are current and responsive to those we support.

Our Acquisition Services area provides full life-cycle contracting support in Federal and commercial markets, including Department of Defense (DoD) Agencies. We are engaged in Contracting Officers Representative (COR) Evaluation programs, facilitating large acquisitions (Big A), managing Purchase-Card programs, and supporting the day-to-day operation of procurement offices across the Nation. Similar to our HR practice, we maintain a number of SMEs on our rolls to provide expertise to our programs on an as required basis.

Our newest service area is in Management and Financial Services. Here we provide professional services generally at or above the GS-12 equivalent. The services we provide are what we consider “next nearest neighbor” programs to our core services. Our excellent experience in Grants Management and Auditing inspired us to grow this area of expertise. In doing so, our work has expanded into DoD, the Program, Planning, and Budget Execution area, and into other large programs where we have audit, oversight, and control responsibilities.

At YRCI, we excel in our ability to understand each client’s needs from a technical perspective and matching the right candidate to their specific requirements. We pride ourselves in delivering the right people, at the right time, in the right place who are professionally screened, capable, and ready to go to work. With these people, we deliver creative and reliable solutions that help government gain efficiency and effectiveness. We work to provide taxpayer value added, while we create jobs, and improve government.